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Today I attended the first day of the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival held at the Brisbane Convention & Expo Centre (it runs over three days, this years event in Brisbane is from the 17th-19th March). The festival has over 200 exhibitors catering many facets of the Mind, Body, Spirit arena from health & wellness, mindfulness, spirituality and much more.

I had pre-booked a free 30 min Tapping Session with 2 Be Extraordinary as the brief description on the website sounded interesting, but I really had no idea what it was about – it was out of sheer curiosity that I booked in for a session. I like being open minded and trying new things (be they products or experiences), and so I approached this session with that in mind.

Leith Angela Jeffery is a Tapping & Life Coach as well as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. She guided me through the Tapping session and was very supportive and helpful throughout. Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle healing tool where you tap on meridian points while focusing on a specific issue, which then releases any emotional blocks you may have.

Some of the benefits to be gained from Tapping:
*Can clear procrastination
*May give you clarity
*Can help with fears or phobias
*Can help clear blocks around weight issues
*Can free you from any limiting beliefs
*Can clear emotional triggers/blocks (related to memories, smells, certain situations, people, work etc.)
*Can improve sleep (nightmares, restless sleep, insomnia)
*May reduce stress levels and anxiety
*May reduce physical pain
*Can work well with trauma

My biggest dilemma was choosing what area I wanted to focus on – just looking at the list above and I could easily see so many areas in which it could help me – how was I to choose one specific area to focus on?! I ended up choosing ‘sleep’ – as many of my readers are aware, I have ME/CFS so sleep (more specifically ‘refreshing’ sleep) is a pretty big issue for me – I’m always tired, but no matter how much or how little sleep I have it never seems to be enough and certainly far from refreshing.

I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and recently that means changing my daily routine – I’ve always been a night owl, but even more so the past ten years.  So we decided we’d work on the sleep side and started the session based around that. The further we got into the session, the more another issue (or rather) emotion appeared – the emotion that has been blocking me – frustration.

Frustration at having ME/CFS (and all the other issues that come with it), but more importantly – frustration at always being tired! And with that, we had a new issue to focus on… my releasing the frustration I feel at being tired all the time.

As I started focusing on the frustration, tapping my meridian points as Leith guided me through the exercise, I started to discover my level of frustration go from a 10/10, to a 7/10 to finally not being there at all – I was amazed at how quickly I was able to let go of that emotion and simply accept and acknowledge that I was tired, yet feel somewhat relieved and more positive emotionally about being tired with none of the frustration that usually goes hand in hand with it.

Tapping is an exercise in healing that you can use anywhere so should you feel that emotion being triggered later on, you simply repeat the exercise until you feel it fade it away. My experience with this simple introduction to tapping was so profound that I’ve booked in to attend a full day workshop in May that covers even more techniques and processes to help you work through your issues on your own.

If you’re attending the Mind Body Spirit Festival this weekend, be sure to drop by their booth (Stand G29) to book your free session. To find out more about Tapping, the full day workshop or other services provided you can contact Leith on 0403 691 833 or via email [email protected]

(Photo Source: 2 Be Extraordinary)
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