“adoorabear” – Little Bear – Big Job!

I first came across “Adoorabear” a couple of years ago. I’d never seen a product like this before and loved the concept behind it.

Adoorabear adds a pleasing addition to décor in the nursery, he is psychologically comforting to a child and easily attached onto a lever or rounded doorknob (as seen in the pics – this is my guy below – he’s normally a pristine white, but has been hugging the door for a while).

Adoorabear cushions against the door frame, preventing injury to little fingers, allowing air to flow through the room, prevents accidental locking and enables easy access for arthritis sufferers (adoorabear isn’t just for the baby’s room!)

He also allows a quiet and easy means of checking on baby, and assists in quick intervention in case of a house fire threat!

This little bear sure does have a BIG job!!!

He makes a perfect gift for an expecting mother, a Christening present or 1st or 2nd birthday too. Adoorabear is just adorable to look at – he’s very pleasing on the eye, and great for a cuddle too!

To find out more about adoorabear and how you can purchase one, check out their site


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