Advance Care Plan – Be Prepared For The Worst

As someone who has a host of mental and physical heath issues, this has become a topic of interest to me lately. How do I express to others my future plans if my health takes a toll for the worst?

How can they know my preferences without trying to guess them (and possibly go against those wishes whilst trying to do what they believe is right?)

It’s one thing to have a will in place – but what if your health fails before that’s needed and decisions need to be made… decisions that are vital?

Each State has their own guide for these events… this is the one for QLD.

My partner already knows my plans for my funeral – I want a ‘green’ funeral… that is I want to be cremated, and have my ashes put into an urn that will be planted with a seed (or seedling) of my choice.

I actually took out funeral insurance prior to my Nan’s funeral (I’m a sucker for surveys, and it was an offer I received during one of those surveys… Freedom Insurance contacted me sometime ago, and I figured at $4.21 a fortnight, I didn’t have anything to lose… it’s essentially the cost of a coffee each fortnight – the first year was actually free… I’ve been with them for near on 2 years now – I even received an Entertainment Book for free just for being a customer with them)!

My family don’t have to concern themselves with covering the cost of my funeral – and it covers a few little extras too… I can also add other people to my insurance too at a slightly higher premium.

I had added my brother originally when he intended to join the army and my sister too as both were essentially free in the first year… now it’s just me – but still, that should be enough to offer peace of mind to my family.

This isn’t a topic many discuss until someone has passed away, but it should be something we’re aware of and have sorted out BEFORE the inevitable happens.

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, single (or whatever falls in between), being prepared for the future is important – that should include your will and funeral too – and more importantly, letting family members (or friends) know what you have decided in advance.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter – you can comment below.

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