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With Father’s Day around the corner, now is a great time to start looking at gift ideas. Amalfi have you covered with a range of quality products from their collection. Crafted from quality wood, their Dapper Utility Holder and Ahoy Trinket/Cufflink Box are sophisticated options for any dad. For something a little quirkier – their ceramic jars, boxes and plates are useful keepsakes priced to entice.


Dapper Jars

Handsome additions to dad’s desk include their Westminster Magnetic Hourglass, Inlet Sculpture and S/2 Anchorage Bookends (my personal favourite). For a little Father’s Day fun – there’s their classic Noughts & Crosses Game.


Add a little Amalfi to your Father’s Day story. For your nearest stockist check out Amalfi or contact (03) 9474 1300.

1. Amalfi Dapper Trinket Plate – 2 Asst RRP: $16.95, 2. Amalfi Palm Reader Sculpture RRP: $26.95, 3.Amalfi Anchorage Coin Tray RRP: $36.95, 4. Amalfi Dapper Utility Holder RRP: $32.95, 5. Amalfi Phrenology Sculpture RRP: $59.95, 6. Amalfi Dapper Jar – 2 Asst RRP: $36.95, 7. Amalfi Quite The Dandy Trinket Box – 2 Asst RRP: $26.95, 8. Amalfi Westminster Magnetic Hourglass RRP: $22.95, 9.Amalfi Ahoy Trinket/Cufflink Box RRP: $39.95, 10. Amalfi Inlet Sculpture RRP: $129.95, 11. Amalfi S/4 Anchorage Coasters RRP: $26.95, 12. Amalfi Quite The Dandy Trinket Plate – 2 Asst RRP: $14.95, 13.Amalfi S/2 Anchorage Bookends RRP: $99.95, 14. Amalfi Anchorage Trinket Box RRP: $29.95, 15.Amalfi Noughts & Crosses Game RRP: $29.95

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