Brisbane Blogger’s Event 2016

In about mid December I had the opportunity to attend my first EVER Blogging Convention/Event – this event was hosted by The Doll Connection – and well worth the money I spent to attend it!

I met so many wonderful bloggers around Brisbane – I’ve never had the opportunity to mix with other bloggers in person, so this was a particularly great part of the event for me, meeting other like-minded people who shared the same love of blogging/trying new products as I do!

From the moment we arrived, we were spoilt rotten! There were goodie bags galore awaiting us on the tables.

First up was a close up & personal session with Racinne Skincare products – we each received a bag of goodies (including full sized and sample size products) from Racinne – I’ve been using their products regularly since the event (watch this space – I’ll be reviewing their products in the near future!)

Racinne Testing Session

I don’t want to share too much about the products we received as I’ll be doing various reviews for them in the near future – all you need to know right now is that I absolutely LOVE the Racinne range of products we received (above are testers we got to try out on the day).

I found the panels very informative (unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the panels to show you – I was too busy trying to learn everything I could from them!) The panellists were various bloggers and vloggers who’ve received considerable recognition in their fields, and shared both their wins and losses with us – I seriously learnt a lot from them and started approaching my blog a little differently after the event.

Next up was a table NO ONE could refuse… we’re talking artisan chocolate decorated with 24 karat gold leaf! You don’t even need to have a sweet tooth to appreciate that!

We were all treated to a free nail polish session by Vegan brand Julisa – I opted for a pink/light purple colour with a little sparkle on a couple of nails (mixed manicure)… sadly, as is the nature with me, I had smudged my nails before I even got out of my seat (hence no real photos of them)… I swear – I’m not designed to wear nail polish – I had already smudged all the nails on my right hand before I even left for the event so I was REALLY looking forward to looking somewhat more ‘polished’ after the session – only to go and do it all over again! *sigh*

e.l.f Cosmetics literally spoilt us as well – we were given a bag full of various products to take away and try out at home (I’ve already put them to good use, experimenting with different colours and styles – might I say… I’m totally IN LOVE with their eye pencils – there is a sharpener built inside the lid so it always stays sharp! BRILLIANT idea!)

I’m gonna wrap this up with dinner (as I’m doing individual reviews on various products we’ve tried out – I’ve only shown you a select few here… I don’t want to share too much about them just yet as that may spoil it all for you if I do! As such, I’m not doing my usual thing of including hyperlinks to the websites – they’ll come with each review, and I’ll edit this accordingly as well).

But yes… onto the most important part (well… if you’re a foodie like I am!!!)… DINNER!!!

I don’t generally eat a lot of meat at home, but when I’m out it’s a different matter entirely – this char grilled sirloin was cooked to perfection, and the mash, roasted tomatoes & wilted spinach along with the red wine jus complimented it wonderfully – my taste buds were in heaven. We were in the newer part of The Brunswick Hotel and it made for a good venue for the event as it was a small intimate group of us (which made the networking side a lot more personal too).

It was a fantastic event, I’m looking forward to the next one, and even more so sharing my reviews with you on the various products we got to try out and I’ve since been playing with in my attempts to give you an informative review on the products and my opinions on them. If you’re an Aussie blogger, you definitely want to check out The Doll Connection – they hold various events around Australia – it’s a great opportunity to network with brands and other like-minded bloggers (and you’ll walk away with a lot of goodies to try out at home too!)


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