Buffet World Restaurant

I was out with the family recently, we were getting together to celebrate an event with dad, and had decided on a particular restaurant to eat at.
Whilst we were perusing the menu at this restaurant, dad started to tell us about a place that he frequents regularly – the more he spoke of it, the more we drooled!
Pretty much all of us in the family are seafood lovers, so the more dad went on, the easier it was for us to decide we’d rather be there!
So up we got and snuck away from an already busy restaurant (honestly, I don’t think they missed us in the least!) and off we headed to ‘Buffet World Restaurant’.
Buffet World Restaurant is actually inside the Redlands Sporting Club at Wellington Point.
This is an ‘all you can eat’ style restaurant, boasting a wide selection of food and cuisine. Prices start at $18.80 for members – for a full listing of prices, please click here
Whether you like seafood…


Or maybe you prefer a traditional roast dinner…


Or maybe it’s a taste of Asia you’re after


Then again, maybe you want a bit of everything?


Why not some fresh seasonal fruit?


Or how about something for the sweet tooth?


No matter what your taste buds are like, there’s something to cater for everyone, including soups and entrees, pasta and pretty much anything you’d expect to find at an all-you-can-eat buffet – there’s gluten-free and vegetarian options too. Click here to see the menu
You’ll find Buffet World Restaurant inside Redlands Sports Club.
20 Anson Road
Wellington Point QLD 4160
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I’m sure you’ll enjoy your experience here, the food was fresh and tasty, produce is sought locally from the Redlands area, so the quality is good.
The staff are friendly and accommodating, quickly removing empty plates and you can just keep going back more! Be sure to drop by and check out Buffet World’s famous Asian marinated roast chicken as well!
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