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I recently got to partake in a preview of Continental’s new range of Pasta & Sauces and Meal Bases – the day the parcel arrived on my doorstep it was like Christmas had come early! I also loved the gorgeous wooden crate it came in, along with the Chef’s hat (so you could work your magic in the kitchen).

I LOVE baking at the best of times, but I had a hard decision as to ‘where do I start?’ with this fabulous range of side dishes and meals! I got to test out four side dishes and six meal bases.

The side dishes included family favourites “Alfredo” and “Macaroni Cheese” as well as two new additions, “Alfredo with Garlic & Herbs” and “Creamy Bacon Carbonara”. I opted first up to try out the “Alfredo with Garlic & Herbs” (a nice spin on a fave dish of mine), which I served with silverside and creamy sauce; as you can see in the picture below (it didn’t last very long!)

Continental makes it so easy to organise a dinner for the family or a feast for a dinner party – no matter how busy you are, there’s a dish to suit your needs, and the Pasta & Sauce ranges are definitely a family pleaser (and easy on the ‘cook’ too).

You’re not scrimping on taste or quality either – all Continental’s vegetables, herbs and spices are grown in fields, ripened in the sun, and harvested in season, when they taste their very best. The Continental team of chefs have been hard at work using these ingredients, and others, to create dishes that are all made from scratch! (So you don’t have to…)

I tried one of the meal bases next – of the six they had supplied me with, being “Sweet Potato & Zucchini Gratin”, “Swedish Meatballs”, “Chicken & Spinach Macaroni Bake”, “Potato, Bacon & Cheese Frittata”, “Mexican Tortilla Stack” and “Beef, Tomato & Mozzarella Pasta Bake” – I chose the last one to sample as you can see above. One point to note here – don’t scrimp on the Mozzarella – I only had tasty cheddar on hand, and as you can see, it melted right through (that said, it was still scrumptious and another that disappeared quickly!)

Another fave is their “Mexican Tortilla Stack” – that stuff is amazing! The Meal Bases fit into one of two categories: ‘Oven Secrets’ or ‘Mince Mates’, and both provide a delicious, nutritious meal your family will love.

A few fast facts about the Continental range:

* Continental meal bases and side dishes are made from scratch using real ingredients that have been dried to lock in their flavour, as well as other ingredients. Drying is a centuries-old technique that preserves and intensifies flavour in herbs, spices and vegetables.

* The whole team of chefs at Continental have either had their own award-winning restaurants or have worked in leading restaurants. They’re really passionate about helping everyone create great tasting food at home.

* As part of Continental’s commitment to sustainable farming practices all wheat used in Continental products is locally and responsibly grown in Australia.

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in this little project – not only from the cooking side, but also sampling the meals I created (and yes, I did wear the Chef’s hat in the kitchen too!). You can find Continental’s side dishes and meal bases in leading supermarkets (as well as some of the Independents as well).

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal, why not check out their website here – perhaps you’ll inspire the ‘mini-Chefs’ to cook up something with you?

Remember, everything is #madefromscratch – so you don’t have to!

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