“Fair Go” Board Game Review

I recently received a new board game to try out for a review. “Fair Go” was designed by retired school teacher, Andrea Thompson.This game is suited for ages 8 and up, and can be a lot of fun for the family or a board games night in with friends, with 2 to 6 players.

We played with two players, and it certainly made for a fun game. You never know which way the game is going to go – I was up with properties, then picked up a card saying “I was retiring” so forced to sell off two of my properties.The “Fair Go” cards are unpredictable – you can be winning grants one minute, and then suffering from a natural disaster the next – so it really is anyone’s game!

I was sure I was going to win – although Matt had purchased a lot of property, I was the only one who could put rings on my properties (you need to have landed on the ‘charity shop’ in order to buy your ‘tower of success’ and be able to replace your token with the tower; allowing you to buy the rings). You need 4 rings in order to win the game – I had 3!
All of a sudden, the game play changed, and all the cards were in Matt’s favour, eventually allowing him to win the game!

It was a lot of fun, we both enjoyed it and I can easily see how with six players it would be a lot more challenging to win as you’d have less opportunities to purchase the properties and others can block you from being able to place a ring on a property too.It’s definitely worth checking out, and is a great educational tool for children as it teaches them about how the industry works, and how your decisions can affect the game play (as well as including realistic scenarios in the form of natural disasters, donating to charities, winning grant funds etc).

For more information about the game, or to purchase a copy, please visit their website: Fair Go

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