Fish & Chipperys Review by Guest Blogger Brian

I love fish and chips.

But it’s not always easy to find a good fish and chippery in Brisbane. Here’s a few that I really like:

Peter’s Fish Market

Located on the Gold Coast at 120 Seaworld Drive, Peter’s is a must for seafood lovers. It sits right beside the dock for the trawlers and so the fish is as fresh as it can be for the consumer.

Diners can walk about the store and inspect the displays of produce on ice, and select what they would like cooked and how. Or, they can choose from pre-prepared specialities that include barramundi, lobster and prawns marinated, sautéed or stuffed in delicious ways.

Produce can also be purchased raw for takeaway for you to cook at your own leisure.

Peter’s is open every day from 9am to 7:30pm (phone between noon and 7pm only).

Contact: (07) 5591 7747

Peter’s Fish Market

The Boat Shed

The Boat Shed at 63 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough is a humble little place that has been full to capacity every time I’ve been.
Located along the shoreline just north of Redcliffe, the food here has always been fresh and the tempura batter makes the food feel light to eat. A seafood basket (pictured below) comes with grilled corn and deep-fried carrot slivers, too, for extra punch. Their prices are very reasonable too.
They offer a nice meat and platter, too, I’ve heard.
Open every day from 11am to 8/9pm.
Contact: (07) 3880 0555
The Boat Shed


With a mission statement that claims to only source produce from sustainable fisheries, Swampdog on 186 Vulture Street in South Brisbane offers the perfect guilt-free chowdown for the fish and chip diner.
The menu offers traditional meals (crumbed prawns, calamari rings etc) but there’s also a wealth of more exotic temptations to choose from. The menu specialities are particularly good, but be prepared for moderate restaurant prices. It’s well worth it though: pictured below on left is a delightful serve of Cajun style grilled Cobia on a bed of chips and chunky Greek salad with an avocado salsa. The right is a box of crunchy chips and tempura prawns that tasted fresh and juicy.
Swampdog is open daily from noon to 8:30pm
Contact: (07) 3255 3715

Fresh n Wild Fish

You can find this place within the ring of Portside shops at 37 Harbour Road, Hamilton.
It can be a bit hit and miss depending on what you buy and when, but mostly I like the food I’ve had from here. Big portions for a decent price, and nice shellfish. The river is nearby for a walk afterwards to get some sea fresh air.
I’ve heard the place has changed hands and gone a bit downhill sometime this year, but I’m also hearing that it’s still a great place to get good old fashioned fish and chips.
Open daily from 8am to 7:30pm (Fri & Sat till 8pm).
Contact: (07) 3268 2470
Fresh n Wild Fish

I have a couple of other honourable mentions.

George’s Seafood on 150 Boundary Street in West End became very lax in it’s freshness and quality last few years, but the new owners have done wonders with the place. They’ve pared down the menu a bit and introduced new ways to grill their fish (it reminds me a little of what you can find at Peter’s Fish Market on the Gold Coast). Overall, I’ve become quite fond of the food under this new management, favouring the traditional calamari, the crumbed prawns, and the grilled Barramundi, Salmon and Basa.
Contact: (07) 3844 4100, open every day to 8pm
The Fish Monger’s Wife on 83-93 Lytton Road, East Brisbane has won awards for its food. I haven’t been here in years, but it was pretty good when I did! Might have to give it another look into soon.
Contact: (07) 3891 6464, open Mon-Fri to 8pm (Fri 8:30pm)
Review and photos by Brian
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