Green Heart Fair – Helping You to Reduce Your Waste

Green Heart Fair – Helping You to Reduce Your Waste. As a fan of community events, this event covered two of my favourite topics – food and gardening!

I’m also on a journey of trying to reduce my waste and the impact that I have on the environment, so learning even more ways to help reduce my impact was another positive to come from this event for me.

Green Heart Fair
Celebrity Chef Matt Golinski

The ‘LOVE FOOD hate waste’ stage was definitely one of my favourite highlights of the day – an opportunity to learn from various professional chefs and the focus on reducing waste in the kitchen was incredibly informative.

Watching chefs like Matt Golinski show you a variety of ways to use up bread so it doesn’t end up in the bin – like super crusty croutons for home cooked soups:

Green Heart Fair
Crusty croutons for soups

To a new take on the traditional ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’ – using up a variety of fruits nearing their useby date:

Green Heart Fair
A new take on Bread and Butter Pudding

I loved they had screens up so everyone could follow along with the steps involved… being able to see the magic happening as he prepared both chicken soup and showed you how to use the bits and bobs of various veggies, as well as the chicken bones, being added to a chicken stock – reducing your waste even further!

Green Heart Fair
Cooking up a storm

Of course there’s nothing better than being able to sample the meal afterwards!

Green Heart Fair
Chicken soup with crusty croutons

I was so inspired by this meal that the next day I prepped my own chicken stock in the slow cooker – I LOVE my comfort food as it is, I intend to make some crusty croutons to go with my soup too!

Next to take to the stage was chef Dominique Rizzo, with Sam Thaiday assisting her.

Green Heart Fair
Sam Thaiday and Chef Dominique Rizzo

Keeping on with the theme of reducing food waste in the kitchen, Dominique, assisted by Sam, showed you more tips on how to reduce your waste and use up food and leftovers that you may have tossed out previously.

Green Heart Fair
Making carrot soup
Green Heart Fair
Sam and Dominique creating magic

Showing us another version of soup to make (I love winter and all the wholesome home cooked meals that comes with it), along with a bacon and vegetable strudel – I found that dish particularly intriguing and that essentially you can any cuts of meat or vegetables with it and all meals shown can be adjusted to suit various dietary requirements and lifestyles – the meals are all incredibly versatile and designed to help you reduce waste in your fridge, freezer and pantry!

Green Heart Fair
Bacon and vegetable strudel

With my appetite whet (and inspiration filling my head with ideas for when I got home), it was time to explore my other passion… gardening!

Green Heart Fair
The free natives

I really love the concept of giving away free plants – you can’t get more green than that! It’s a brilliant idea and another way to help you reduce your impact on the environment (and even encourage beneficial insects, birds and bees to your garden!)

I also checked out Mallow who provided the compost bins to the ‘LOVE FOOD hate waste’ stage

Green Heart Fair

They also run workshops on composting and woodmaking – stay tuned to the blog as they’ll be in a more indepth feature soon.

Green Heart Fair
Brisbane Organic Growers Inc

I was excited to come across BOGI and discover that they have an organic fair coming up as well! My green thumb is itching to add more to my veggie patch (both at home and the community garden!)

This was the first time visiting Green Heart Fair – there were so many stalls to look through – everything focused on helping you to reduce your plastic or food waste, your impact on the environment – they even had cars that run on electricity or (eeep) poo!

Green Heart Fair
Electric Car
Green Heart Fair
Electric Scooter
Green Heart Fair
Australia’s first car to run on ‘poo power’ – taking recycling to a totally new level!

If you missed out on attending the event earlier this week, don’t fret – Green Heart Fair will be back again in September!

It’s a pet (dogs on leashes) and family friendly event with a variety of activities for the kids and numerous food trucks and stalls.

If you are planning to go in September, I suggest heading in early – it gets crowded and some of the activities are closed early due to the large number of people who attend on the day.

Green Heart Fair
LOVE FOOD hate waste stage draws a crowd
Green Heart Fair
Pet friendly
Green Heart Fair
Large crowds

Keep an eye on the blog as I will start featuring some of the exhibitors on the blog, who can assist you in reducing your global footprint further!

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