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Outback Revue was recently invited to test out a range of products from Hillmark. Hillmark has been Australian owned and made for over 25 years now, and continue to set the pace for appliance cleaning products on the market.

For those of our readers who prefer products that are eco-friendly, you’ll find there are no harsh chemicals used in their range of products, they’re environmentally friendly and biodegradable too.

We were very excited when our products arrived to test out, and were given samples to share with friends as well.

Products arrived


What I found surprising about these products was that I didn’t have to use ‘elbow grease’ to clean! The products were tested out twice a week every week for a period of six weeks. We were given their Stone Kleen & Protect (perfect for cleaning marble, granite and stone benchtops) and Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaner to use.

Stone Kleen & Protect

If you have marble, granite or stone benchtops at home, then you may have found that ordinary cleaning products do not do justice to cleaning and more importantly protecting them. I noticed almost immediately the vast difference between an ordinary household cleaner and Hillmark’s specialty product. The simple act of running my hand over the bench tops once they were cleaned with Hillmark’s Stone Kleen & Protect became exciting. The finish was so smooth my hand glided over it easily, and no remnants of dirt (or cleaning products) remained. The product was so easy to use that even Master Four volunteered to help me clean the benchtops! (Below picture, top row is the “before, during, after” shots, as well as Master Four assisting).

Stone Kleen Protect


Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Another surprise here. I was truly expecting to have to use good ol’ elbow grease when it came to cleaning the glass top. It had cooked on food that I thought would never come off. Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaner is actually the second step in cleaning here, the first being to ‘scrape off’ spilt food on your cooktop (Hillmark have a specialty product for this as well).

Another product that was easy to use. As I hadn’t been cooking when I first used this product, I simply heated the cooktop, scraped off left over food that had been spilt onto the cooktop previously then set to work cleaning the surface with Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaner – the picture speaks for itself (unfortunately, some erosion had already happened to the cooktop previously, so that was not able to be fixed – why it’s so important to remove spilt/cooked on food and not leave it to bake – however it was definitely one of the better cleaning jobs out of all other products used on the cooktop surface!)

Cerapol Ceramic Glass Cleaner

If you’d like to learn more about the range of Hillmark products, you can check out their website here. To find your nearest supplier check out their stockist list.


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