Kawaii Box – August Review and Giveaway

Kawaii means lovable, cute or adorable in Japanese and that’s exactly what this subscription box is! Full of a variety of novelty items that have been carefully collated from both Japan and Korea, and whether you’re into anime or just into the Japanese/Korean cultures, you’ll be sure to find items in the box to please!

In this review, I received the August subscription box from Kawaii Box, and found quite a few cute items that I loved. Each box has approximately 10-12 items inside, this box contained 11 items.

DIY Candy
Kracie NaruNaru Gumi NoMi DIY Candy Kit – Soda

First up was this super cute DIY Candy Kit – I admit, I actually had to google instructions for this, but it’s well worth it – for such a tiny candy, it had LOTS of flavour! If you’d like to try this out for yourself, you can order it here – for only $5.49AUD (which includes free shipping to Aust).

Neko Plush Charm – Meow

This was by far my fave item out of the box – Neko Kitty!!!! As most who know me, know I’m essentially “the crazy cat lady” – so it was a given I’d deviate towards this adorable plush charm. You can purchase one here in your choice of colours for $5.49AUD

Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case

This is the first of the stationery items from the box (there’s quite a few). A super kawaii tin Dinosaur Pencil Case – it’s a great quality item, and I’m sure one of my nieces would love this to store their pens/pencils in for school!

Sweet Dessert Ink Pen

Another stationery item from the August box. These cute pens come in a range of pastel colours (all of them have black ink in them), and a different dessert charm attached. You can purchase them here for $3.24AUD

Cloud Memory Envelope Set

More stationery items! These “Cloud Memory” envelopes have different moods/emotions reflected on them (Worry, Gloomy, Joyfully, Good, Sunny, Angry). These are kind of cute (even the not so happy ones), and another item I’ll be giving to one of my nieces as I’m sure they’d be able to put these to good use writing letters to their friends at school.

SAM_5831 edit
Kawaii Deco Tape

This is super cute! I’ll definitely be using this in the near future for one of my crafty projects 🙂 These wasabi tapes come in a range of 8 designs, the style I have is ‘no. 3’ – the rolls are 1.5cm wide and 3.5m long. You can check out the full range here and purchase for $2.68AUD

Polka Dots Silk Shoelaces

Want to look cute at school? These shoelaces will do the trick! They come in a range of 3 different colours – but don’t limit your imagination there – you could use these for scrapbooking, jazzing up an outfit and more (they also remind me of the 80s when laces WERE fashion!) You can find them here for $1.69AUD a pair.

Popsicle Squishy Charm

Seriously, this just screams ‘kawaii’ and again, another fave item from the box. You can use this to decorate your mobile, tote bag, school bag, jeans – whatever you like really – it’s THAT cute! I love the squishy feel of it too – you could even use it a stress ball if you really wanted too (although, with something this cute, you wouldn’t be feeling stressed for very long!) You can purchase one of these here (you’ll be sent a random colour, you don’t get to choose with this item) for a mere $5.35AUD

Mini Animal Spray Bottle

Who would have thought a spray bottle could be sooo cute? This adorable spray bottle comes in 4 animal designs (Bear, Pig – shown, Dog and Cat). I’ll be adding this to my travel pack to use for a spray toner I have! You can check them out here for a low price of $4.08AUD

Alpaca Tin Case

Another really cute item – the alpaca tin case! You can use this to store any small items you like – mints, sewing kit, buttons, bits & bobs for crafts or, like me, turn it into a coin purse! I finally have something wide enough to store all my loose change in! You can select from 3 different designs here for only $4.51AUD

SAM_5812 edit
Cute Animals Balloon Stickers – Hawaii Bears

This brings us to the last item in the August subscription box, these cute puffy, animal balloon stickers which could be used for card making, scrapbooking, decorating books etc. You can buy them here for $2.25AUD


Based on retail value alone, it is well worth it. For $18.90 you receive over $35 worth of cuteness. Whilst I won’t use all the items myself, I am certain my nieces will give them good homes (and there’s some items they’d have to fight me for – I am a geek after all, and I love quirky items).

If you’re into anything Japanese (or Korean) you’ll definitely love this box, and every month there’s different items. The best part is that if you missed a box and there was a certain item you wanted, you can actually purchase it via their online store (and postage is FREE worldwide).

One thing to be aware of is that these boxes can be delayed (they can take up to a month to arrive due to transit in the post), but it’s worth it for soooo much cuteness!



Kawaii Box is giving away one of the latest month’s subscription boxes to one of our very lucky readers – there’s no restriction to as to what country you live in, as they deliver worldwide! So any one of our readers could soon have their hands on one of these cool boxes – if you’re the winner of the box, please send us a photo of you with your box, we’d love to share it on our various social media channels! And now, best of luck to everyone who enters!!!

Click here to enter – Good Luck!!

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