Kingaroy Gourmet Peanuts

Firstly, I’d like to apologise to my readers who have allergies to nuts, you’re not going to like this next review (and if you do, sadly you won’t be able to enjoy the wonders that make up Kingaroy Gourmet Peanuts).

Now that the apology is out of the way, lets get straight into it. Whether you’re looking for something to go with a nice coldie on a sweltering hot day, something to nibble on whilst entertaining, peanuts are generally always a great option.

They’re also great for school lunches or snacks at the office (I always had a supply in my drawer at work). They’re also a healthy treat to have on hand for those snack attacks that hit you at home or in the car driving.

I was recently sent a selection from locally homegrown and 100% Australian owned company Kingaroy Gourmet Peanuts to try out – you can see the varied selection of flavours above.

I’d actually been pretty sick when these arrived (and was starting to develop a bronchial cough), so decided to start with the Garlic Flavoured peanuts – which evidently turned out to be the right choice for me at the time!

Not the best of pictures, and as you can see from the pack, I’d already dived into these! These nuts come in a handy resealable packet which helps to keep your nuts fresh for optimum enjoyment. The packs come in a variety of sizes as well.

Beware, these peanuts are infused with flavour – and you’ll certainly notice that when eating them! Whilst the garlic worked a charm for my cough and chest – I wasn’t in a hurry to meet up with anyone in person (garlic breath… I’m pretty sure I scoffed that pack lol)

With every pack I tried and tested, I discovered them all to be full of flavour and incredibly moreish as well – I couldn’t stop at a handful or two!

These were a great quality product, and are fantastic for the price you’d pay for them too! You can find out more about the range of flavours, and prices here – it was so hard for me to a pick a favourite! I’m on the fence line between Hickory and Curry flavours (the Garlic was rather tasty too – I do admit to having a thing for adding garlic to everything I cook).

If you’re still not sure, here’s what a couple of Outback Revue readers think of the Kingaroy Gourmet Peanuts range:

Madonna – “I can give you a review. Can we just leave it at orgasmic? Love these guys. lol”

Karen – “Can say they are delish and love their peanut butter all natural and sooooo yummy!!!! I’m lucky I live 20 minutes from Kingaroy and go there every day to work!!!”

Kingaroy Gourmet Peanuts is located at:
67 Willliam Street, Kingaroy Qld 4610
Ph: (07) 4163 3798
Email: [email protected]

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