Malka – Sweet Cinnamon Essential Oil

I was recently out playing ‘hookey’ with a girlfriend in Mount Tambourine (actually, she’s my ex-mother-in-law and we’ve remained great friends years after – she’s one hell of a special lady!)

We would often go out together for a day of fun, just the two of us, checking out different places, having lunch together and doing a spot of shopping.

On this particular day we were strolling through the Galley Walk at Mount Tambourine – I have not been out this way in YEARS so I was definitely having fun discovering all the new shops that seemed to have appeared over the years.

We entered one shop and were instantly attracted to the aroma filling it. It turned out to be “Sweet Cinnamon” essential oil from Malka, which had been added to a bunch of cinnamon sticks on display. Gwen promptly purchased two bottles – one for herself, and one for me (yep, I’m spoilt!)

I must admit, upon getting home, I eagerly put some of this in my oil burner – it has such a beautiful scent, and is not overpowering (I tested it on my partner! I often have smelly stuff in the house – incense, oils, wax melts etc – and some of these I’ve not been able to use around him – so I was happy to see this one got his approval).

The aroma wafts through the house nicely, and I’ve discovered it’s good for masking and getting rid of odours etc. As a former smoker (I recently quit), I’ve had trouble getting rid of the smell of old smoke from the house. After using this however, I’ve noticed, even without it on, the smell is no longer lingering! My place smells so much fresher and more inviting.

I love burning the oil when I’m working, it aids with concentration, and helps to keep my mind stimulated. If you have a problem with silverfish or moths, it’s said it may help with repelling them too. The oil is also good for fighting off flu germs (as someone who does get sick a bit – I’m considering this one a bonus!!!)

You can use this oil to refresh bundles of cinnamon (place the cinnamon sticks and several drops of the oil in a ziplock bag and shake, then store for 24 hours – the scent should last up to 3 months). You can also use it to scent linens/wardrobes and drawers as well!

Malka Sweet Cinnamon Essential Oil is handmade right here in Australia too! Malka have several other essential oil blends, pot pourri mixes, home fragrances – as well as a natural skin care range too! To check out the various products they have on offer, check out their website here.

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