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As many of you know, I participate in Liptember every year (a campaign to help raise funds and awareness for Women’s Mental Health). As part of this, the idea was to upload a selfie of you wearing lippy to social media for a week or a month (however long you signed up for), and me being me – I opted to do silly selfies with mine (quite frankly – I don’t take a good selfie so making it a silly one makes it harder to tell that I just don’t have the talent for it lol).

I had been chatting with Necessity via their twitter account when I mentioned that I was doing Liptember and they very kindly donated their 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balms for me to use during my campaign.

Above are a few pics I’d taken whilst on the campaign (the middle one I was actually experiencing a migraine so it’s very much a ‘meh’ kind of photo 😉 )

I loved using these lip balms, and have continued using them – I love wearing them under my lipstick as well as it creates a smoother finish (and moisturisers the lips too, helping to protect them).

Necessity Natural Skin Care are 100% natural and their products are made right here in Australia! Derived from the highest quality plants and pure essential oils, Necessity’s range of organic natural skin care is perfect for the conscious buyer. Their products are designed to relieve skin problems, provide practical plant-based first aid, and prevent infection.

The Necessity Natural Skin Care range includes 6 key products: Fixaderm Skin Repair Oil, Natural Cold Sore Relief, Bettaderm Body Oil, Zit-Stik, Roll-on Deodorant and Organic Lip Balms (as shown above – they come in orange, mandarin and lemon flavours).

Conclusion: I tried all three of the lip balms – these are not tinted lip balms, they glide on clear – you’ll definitely notice the scent (although it’s subtle, so it won’t overpower you). Of all three, Mandarin was most certainly my favourite, although I loved the other two as well (but hey – when it comes to the citrus family, I’m usually reaching for a mandarin first and love that they captured the scents so well with these lip balms).

I love that they’re natural & organic as well (they’ve replaced a few I had that weren’t), and that they’re Australian made. I also love I can keep one in my handbag, one in my gym bag or simply keep one in my back pocket when I go for my daily walk.

You can find the lip balms here (as well as more from their Natural Skin Care range).


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