New Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal

Now this is a product review that arrived right at the time I needed it most! I’d been using a different brand to my usual shampoo/conditioner preferences lately, and sadly the choice I’d made was a BAD one! My hair was feeling greasy and unclean (even though I’d just washed it) and left me feeling pretty bleh as well.

Then surprise, surprise – I received a trial kit from Pantene for their new Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal (I admit, with hair that’s already oily, I’m always hesitant about shampoo/conditioners that ‘add extra moisture’ – it usually means extra oil for me – but then I figured I can’t go wrong in comparison to the brand I’m already using).

I’m glad I gave it a chance – even just shampooing my hair, I could notice a difference – my hair felt thicker and full of life – and the conditioner just sealed the deal! As it turns out, this particular shampoo/conditioner is designed for ALL hair types – so I was really stressing over nothing.

My hair has it’s bounce back, feels soft and silky to the touch, and has a gorgeous shine to it as well. It feels light and there’s definitely more body to my hair now.

It’s safe to say that this has now been added to my list of preferred shampoos/conditioners – and with their new breakthrough formula it provides up to 100% damage protection from split ends/breakages. I’ll definitely be buying this soon!

For more information about their products or to check out the range, and to have your say – visit their website


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