Pings All Natural Pop Chips

You already know how much I LOVE my food, and with this business, I’m lucky enough that I get to try something new or different quite a bit.
This next review falls into that category. For those who are conscious about their choices for snack foods, you may be interested in Pings Pop Chips:*No artificial food or colouring
*No added MSG
*70% less fat than fried potato chips
*Less than 2g fat per serve
*Lightly coated in sunflower oil, applied cold
*Certified Kosher and Halal and
*100% Australian owned!
At a glance you can already tell these chips are different to your usual potato chip. They’re “air popped” for a start. They’re actually quite thick as well for a potato chip! I found the texture interesting, and the flavour really packed a punch. You can see in the picture that I was eating a pack of their Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream. It was full of flavour (and added zing – something you don’t always get with your standard potato chip), I was pleasantly surprised.

I quite enjoyed the little blurb on the back of the chips pack too, it had me smiling reading it. This is something that I will purchase again, both because of the healthy snack aspect, as well as the flavour (because once you find a good chip, you stick with it!)You can find out more about the ping brand of products here – and as well as a list of stockists (these aren’t stocked at your leading Supermarkets to my knowledge – so hunt around your local SupaBarn or Supa IGA for these tasty morsels!)


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