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Scentrelle is an Australian owned and based business, formulated using natural products to promote beauty and health, animal friendly and great to fight the war on ageing!

The body dew‘s come in three skin types – Pitta (Sensitive/Combination), Vata (Dry) and Kapha (Oily). Using a combination of Ancient Ayurveda principles is Scentrelle’s main focus, Ayurveda has been around for a very long time, proving it does actually work!

I recently received a bottle of Scentrelle’s ‘Kapha’ Body Dew moisturising oil to try out and review and I can safely say that all other body moisturisers I used in the past have now been replaced!

Having oily skin it has been troublesome to find a moisturiser that works well for my skin type (even those designed for oily skin!).

My skin has either felt dry after applying or the moisturiser has added a greasy film to my skin. Scentrelle’s Body Dew absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving behind a pleasant smell and a gorgeous glow as well.

The ‘Kapha’ (Oily Skin) moisturiser combines apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil, watermelon seed oil and ginger root oil. You REALLY have to try these body oils out to see how glorious they smell in person! I love that it doesn’t stain your clothes like some body oils can.

I’ve also recently discovered it makes for a wonderful massaging oil as well (so it’s not just a moisturiser – and best part it doesn’t leave your skin feeling all oily like massage oils can).

Retailing at $29AUD for a 200ml bottle, it really is worth it for both price and quality! They also have a ‘Reverse Time Face Serum‘ to complete the anti-ageing beauty regime – something I’m definitely keen to get my hands on after using their body oil!

To find out more, or to place an order, check out Scentrelle’s website here – you’ll be glad you tried it too!

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