Schwarzkopf – Ultimate Colour Multi-Usage Permanent Colour Foam

I’m the kind of girl who likes to change her hairstyle regularly – I often go from long hair to really short hair without really thinking about it, and I’ve had full colours and streaks of various colours over the years. I went through a phase of being particularly fond of anime style hairdo’s as well.
I normally tend to do the long and short hairstyles during the wrong seasons though – long in summer, short in winter (and boy do I feel it when it’s cold out and I have nothing protecting my neck!)
I’m currently going through the phase of trying to grow my hair (it’s usually kept short for a good part of the year, as I get restless with it being long).
To give you a bit of background as to why I’m resisting the urge to cut my hair, I participated in the World’s Greatest Shave last year. I volunteer for several costumed charity groups in my spare time, the main one being a group called “Drawn2Life” (you can find out more about them here).
Drawn2Life is a group of likeminded costumers who showcase a range of Marvel and DC Superheroes and Villains, Disney Princesses, as well as numerous movie characters who volunteer at various children’s charity events.
Last year, members of Drawn2Life were part of World’s Greatest Shave at Helensvale on the Gold Coast. We were fundraising for the event as a group, as well as making a special appearance for the public shave. I was one of the wranglers on the day (also on camera duties) for the costumers – as well as getting the shave done. You can see the before and after pics below.
Drawn2Life make a special appearance at Helensvale – March 2013

That’s me in the middle pic – my hair is almost completely gone there! It has taken me a good 19 months to grow my hair back to just below shoulder length (normally my hair grows back super fast, so I wasn’t worried when I was doing the shave lol)… sadly, it took longer than I expected – but it was well worth it! We raised nearly $1500 for the charity via our group fundraising page alone!

Whilst the urge is there to cut my hair, I’ve instead settled with going a different shade. As you can see in the before picture, I have a dull, mousy brown colour – nothing to thrilling to look at.
Flash forward 19 months and we’re back to me wandering the aisle looking for a new hair colour. That’s when I came across the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour mousse. Usually, I’d never look at mousses, but this was on special, so I grabbed two bottles of it (because hey – long hair – it usually takes more than a bottle and a half to colour my hair when it’s long, as it’s also rather thick!)
It’s always amusing when I colour my hair – as I have to take my specs off (which means essentially, I’m flying blind, it’s all done by feel – and I literally have to lather the hair line and more with moisturiser as it can get rather messy lol). I actually forgot to that on this occasion!
To use this product is REALLY easy! There’s no mixing colours – all you do is shake the bottle about 15-20 times – that activates the colour. Then it’s a matter of removing the security cap and applying to dry hair. Simply spray the foam directly into your hand (be sure to wear the gloves), stir the foam with your fingers until it has a homogenous colour, and then apply starting at the roots and working your way down, until your hair is completely covered. Leave in for 30mins, then apply warm water to the hair, lather, then rinse and follow through with the conditioner supplied in the pack.
Long hair requires only 5 pumps of mousse – after buying two packs, I have one and a half bottles left – usually that’s what I would have used if using another product! For someone like myself who can’t really see what they’re doing, just relying on blind faith, this took to my hair really well – I actually felt like 5 pumps was at least 1 too many. I got an even colour all round, and LOVE the colour (as you can see on the box, I chose ‘dark brown’ – I’ve coloured my hair blue-black before, and love the darker colour look, even though I’m considerably pale!).
I tried taking a selfie (but I readily admit I fail epicly at those – as you can see in the pic below – blurry and out of focus)
Selfie FAIL

So I got some friends to take a pic (and yup, you guessed it – at another Drawn2Life event – I’m usually the one behind the camera taking the pics – but cannot for the life of me, take photos of myself hehe)

Celebrating Batman’s 75th Birthday – he hasn’t aged at all!
All in all – I was pleasantly surprised with Schwarzkopf’s Ultimate Colour mousse – and they’re completely correct about the ‘no dripping’ too – there was absolutely NO MESS to clean up, it went on smoothly and evenly, was very easy to use, and the pack really does have multiple usage!!! No more throwing away half used bottles, as all you need to do is pack this away in your cupboard, and it’s ready for you to use 4 weeks later to touch up your roots and gives an intense colour too.

You can find this product in all leading supermarkets and department stores. For more information about Schwarzkopf and their other products available, check out their website.

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