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Outback Revue was recently sent a range of skincare products from Wedge Australia. This review required me to call in the other half to do the review, as these beauty products are made exclusively for men! Wedge Australia skincare product range is produced in a Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (T.G.A) approved facility that holds a Goods Manufacturing Practising (GMP) License.

Wedge Australia are committed to building healthy formulas that will restore, protect and improve your skin. More and more men are starting to look for quality skincare products – especially here in Australia where the weather can be harsh (and we all love being outdoors).

Ladies, if you’re looking for ideas on what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day – look no further – you’ve found a high quality product here that is affordable too! (Take advantage of their Buy 3, Get 1 FREE deal that is currently running as well – a great way to stock up on all those skincare needs).

Men – if you’re looking for a new range to try out – you can’t go past Wedge Australia – natural, earthy, manly products – even the packaging reflects that.

Onto the review:


Let me open by saying that I’m your pretty average Australian bloke. For the majority of my adult life I have used bar soap to shave and wash, basic shampoo and conditioner, and I wear sunscreen with doubles up as my moisturiser. I’ve never really used any skin care for men.

But after trialling some of Wedge Australia’s range of products, I think I’ve become a convert!

The entire range of Wedge Australia products all look sleek and high quality. Each pack has a distinctly natural Australian feel to them – like they’re straight from the bush, made using natural ingredients with a very “Earthy” feel about them, whilst retaining the feel that they’re designed for the modern world we find ourselves in.

Wedge Australia Skin Care For Men Conditioning Shampoo Australian Peppermint:

The first thing you notice upon opening the shampoo is the amazing smell of peppermint. It’s such a pleasant smell, and that alone makes you eager to try it out. The shampoo removes dirt and oil whilst also conditioning.

Many 2-in-1 products can leave your hair feeling dry and uncared for, yet Wedge Australia’s conditioning shampoo left my hair feeling soft, clean and smelling great.

I was also impressed by how little product you need to use to get an amazing lather up, meaning that the 200ml tube lasts for many, many washes.

Wedge Australia Skin Care for Men

Face Scrub Cream (Containing Australian Milled Tea Tree Leaf, Ground Australian Sandalwood and Organic Wheatgrass):

The Wedge Australia Face Scrub Cream is an amazing product to use. It’s a scratchy cream, designed to scrub off dead skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and new.

I have tried scrubs once or twice before and wasn’t overly fussed with them, but Wedge Australia’s product seems to get the balance of grit and texture right. When using it, it feels really nice against the skin, and in my imagination I could almost feel myself scrubbing away the stress and tensions of the day every time I used this product. It left my skin feeling really renewed and clean.

Daily Face Wash (with Raw Beetroot Superfood):

The Wedge Australia Daily Face Wash is an excellent follow up product to use after the Face Scrub Cream, but is also a pleasure to use by itself.

There’s a very mild scent that you don’t really notice, until the product begins to lather on your face during use. Whilst some skin care products can smell overwhelming and chemical in nature, the Wedge Australia Daily Face Wash manages to smell natural by comparison.

I found that it felt very gentle on my skin, and left my face feeling pampered and cared for.

Anti-Aging  Daily Moisturiser (Containing Tasmanian/Southern Oceans Organic Brown Seaweed and Organic Olive Fruit):

Like the other products in the range, the Wedge Australia Anti-Aging Daily Moisturiser manages to feel like a very natural product. When applying to my face, I found I only needed a little bit of product in my hand to go a long way. It’s lightly scented, but yet again it manages to smell very natural and “earthy”.

When applying to my face it gave my skin a tingly feel all over. It’s not overly greasy, and helped to round out my product use after using the face scrub and face wash.

It left my skin feeling really cared for.


As you can see from the above review, my average Aussie bloke was suitably impressed by the quality of the products he used as well as the results (and he’s still currently using the products – he’s loving the earthy manly feel to the products – and I’m loving how great his skin feels to touch).

Be sure to check out the full range of products here – many men take care of their physical fitness needs, but forget about their skin fitness – Wedge Australia have a range of quality products for different age groups that will help to improve their skin. They also have boxed sets that make the perfect gift (or a great way to try the products out together at a discounted price).

UPDATE: (24/11/2019) It has come to my attention that the Wedge Australia range of products are no longer being produced (I’m not sure when the range was discontinued). If you’re looking for other great homegrown brand alternatives, there is a link in the comments section below that lists some top Aussie male grooming products.

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  1. November 21, 2019

    Greetings ?

    I am having difficulty finding your Conditioning Shampoo. ?

    Nightingales Kalamunda don’t t appear to be stocking it anymore.

    I am looking for a stockiest in Perth.

    Thank you,
    Mrs L.K. Larsen ?

    • November 24, 2019

      Hi Lyn,

      I just looked into this for you, it appears that Thom is no longer producing the skincare range 🙁 Such a shame, as it was a great Aussie range for men.

      My partner has been using the “KLIM” range of products from Milk and Co for a while now (by Aussie Olympic swimmer, Michael Klim). He has a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner in the range (which is quite affordable)

      I’ve also added an article from a men’s blog that list’s 28 top Aussie men’s grooming products for you to look at (I’d tried to find a link online to a site where you might be able to still pick up some of the Wedge Australia products, but unfortunately wasn’t able to find anything) – this may help you in your quest to source something that may work for you? (The Milk and Co label is actually the top of the list in the article).

      I’m so sorry I’m not able to assist you more, but wish you well in finding a suitable replacement – let me know how you go in your search!

      Good luck!
      Renae <3

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