Wray Organic – Restaurant Review

Today’s review comes from our Guest Blogger, Brian.


On Sunday we went to Wray Organic in Indooroopilly for lunch. This is the Lambert Road, Indooroopilly store, but they have stores all across Brisbane.

The store is an organic market that stocks fresh and packaged goods that endevour to be preservative free. Their cafe style menu reflected this.

We had the Vegan Salad and the Lemon Tuna Frittata. We followed this with some Hot (Real) Chocolates.

The Vegan Salad was a mix of corn chips, Mexican beans, guacamole and assorted greens. It’s pretty much the salad version of nachos, and is served cold. I got the regular sized bowl which was a large size portion and filled me without making me feel bloated. Lots of greens in it for sustenance.

Vegan Salad

The frittatas come served with a simple salad and with chutney in a little dish. The frittatas were served warm, and were nice but the lemon became a bit overpowering by the finish of the meal. The chutney was ordinary.

Lemon Tuna Frittata

The hot chocolates were a real treat, though. The mug is delivered empty save for a quarter fill of assorted chocolate flakes and chunks (chocolates of all kinds, from milk to dark). A pot of hot milk aloows for two full mugs, and the hot milk melts the chocolate flakes and chunks into a delghtful syrup at the bootom, which is easily spooned out and savoured. It was $4.50 for a hot chocolate, which averages at about $2.25 per mug, so I was impressed with that!

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Chocolate melting
Chocolate melting

Their website: www.wrayorganic.com.au
Their Facebook: www.facebook.com/wrayorganic

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