Biome Autumn Box 2021

I love this time of year, it’s probably my favourite of all the seasons… the gorgeous hues that only Autumn can provide as trees start to lose their leaves, the weather starts to get cooler (I admit that I’m not really a fan of Summer, which seems kind of ironic given I live in the “Sunshine State” – the heat is a trigger for migraines though, so maybe it’s understandable why I’m not such a fan).

Autumn also means a new quarterly box from Biome, so I’m kinda thrilled about that too – after the last two boxes I was really looking to receiving this season’s box. I’m also starting to notice a theme too… once you open the box you’re hit with wonderfully delicious scents!!

Without any further ado, let’s get into this season’s box.

Viva La Body Solid Perfume: (RRP $20.00)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

An entirely plastic free perfume with no synthetic fragrances. Made in Darwin, Viva La Body uses only pure essential oils and plant ingredients that are kind to your skin. Simply glide a little over your pulse points to deliver a divine scent.

Biome Autumn Box 2021

I absolutely LOVE this! I now know why the box smelt so pretty too! I received their Patchouli Rose scent – a little goes a long way with this perfume and the packaging is biodegradable and compostable too, making it a perfect zero waste option for perfume. I love it’s long lasting, but also compact enough to carry on you should you wish to reapply when you’re out.

I am Grounded Coffee Snack Bar: (RRP $5.50)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

Have you heard of the coffee cherry? Once the bean is extracted, the surrounding fruit is generally left to rot. Handmade in Brisbane, this delicious snack is rich in antioxidants, low in caffeine, and using the fruit helps reduce waste in the coffee farming cycle and provide extra income for the farmer.

Unfortunately, as I’m on the Keto Diet currently, this is a product that I’m not able to try at the moment – it’s been added to my post keto pile of goodies, so I’ll endeavour to come back to this when I can. I do love the concept behind this though – it reminds me a lot of the company Barnana that do a similar thing with bananas that are wasted because they don’t look pretty enough to sell in the shops – so I’m really loving that they’ve found a way to reduce further waste within the coffee industry.

Green Essentials ‘Swedish’ Dish Cloth: (RRP $20.95 for a pack of 3)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

Green Essentials NEW plant based dish cloth can be washed and reused hundreds of times before composting in your garden. Made from plant cellulose and cotton, so there’s no plastic microfibres. It’s a great replacement for paper towels and synthetic dish cloths.

Biome Autumn Box 2021

We received one in our box (so not the complete set of 3, so the value is amended to $6.98), that doesn’t lessen it’s value as an eco friendly alternative to dish cloths though! These cloths are highly absorbent and quick drying. Simply dampen the cloth to use as a cleaning cloth, or use it dry in place of a paper towel to absorb spills. They can be popped into the washing machine or top rack of your dishwasher to clean as required.

Organic Cotton Carry Bag:

Biome Autumn Box 2021

A twist on the string bag with a canvas base for privacy and protection whether it’s your lunch, laptop or shopping. Grown without pesticides and safer for the environment, using organic cotton.

Biome Autumn Box 2021

Another great product from Biome, I love the canvas base, it hides my wallet and mobile from view when I’m out doing a grocery top up and there’s a lot of room in this bag and it’s strong enough to handle a heavier load as well. I wasn’t able to locate it on the Biome website, so I’m unable to share the retail value, however it’s a really nice carry bag.

Konjac Sponge: (RRP $9,95)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

With a minimalist approach to skin care, made simply from konjac root, this sponge reduces the need for cleansing lotions! Being slightly alkaline, konjac sponges neutralise acidic oil, sebum and dirt on your skin for deep cleansing.

I love konjac sponges, especially as they’re pretty much zero waste (at the end of their life, simply toss it into your compost), I love the feel of them against my skin too.

Biome Rose Hydrosol: (RRP $27.95 for 100mls/received 50mls)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

The perfect spritz to soothe and rejuvenate your skin any time of day. One simple, pure ingredient packaged in Biome’s minimalist glass bottle with no label waste. Reuse by refilling the bottle at a Biome store or elsewhere. Suitable for everyone.

This is a lovely product with a subtle rose scent. You can use it as a toner straight after cleansing your face (a great companion to the konjac sponge). Whilst it’s suitable for any skin type, it’s especially perfect for dry, mature or sensitive skin. It feels really refreshing too.

Enriched Shea Butter: (RRP $24.95)

Biome Autumn Box 2021

Biome’s newest moisturiser, a skin superfood that combines the intense hydration and nutrients of shea, jojoba oil and vitamin E. All three ingredients penetrate the skin to heal, soothe and protect.

This is a product launch of Biome’s newest product, so as subscribers to their quarterly box we’ve been the first to receive and get to try this out. It’s ideal for sensitive and dry legs, hands, feet, elbows, lips and hair. It can treat dry, cracked, wind and sun damaged skin, Psoriasis, eczema, scars and stretch marks.

I’ve been using this on my heels and elbows – the two areas where my skin dries out the most. As yet I haven’t tried it on scars, but will start doing that, see if there’s any improvements in their appearance. It absorbs nicely into the skin and I do notice a difference once it’s been applied.


Another box loaded full of great quality products that I’ll use – some products that I perhaps wouldn’t have purchased, but this is a great way to try out those products coz you just may find that you like them!

By far, my most fave product in this box is the natural perfume – it’s smells sooooo good! It’s hard to choose a second fave as there’s so many awesome products in this box! I’m loving there’s several zero waste products in the box.

Whilst I haven’t been able to verify the retail price for all the products included, it’s definitely well over $70 worth in this current box – and again, products that I’ll use.

If you’re just starting out on your eco-friendly journey, or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend checking out the Biome quarterly subscription box.

Yet another box I’ve really enjoyed playing with, I can’t wait to see what will be in the Winter Box. You can view the Summer Box here.

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