Cairn Box June 2020

Hi guys and gals – I know I have been very quiet this past year, what with the pandemic happening worldwide, personal issues on top of that, and well in general just needing a complete a time out – but I’m back on board and keen to be getting out there and posting more reviews for you all.

I recently discovered a subscription box for outdoor adventurers (think hiking, camping, mountain climbing etc). I love subscription boxes, but especially ones that contain products that I’ll actually get a lot of use out of – and I LOVE hiking, so this box sounded perfect to me!

There are of course a selection of subscription boxes out there for the outdoor lovers, however due to price (well when converted to AUD), this seemed like the right choice for me (though I’d love to try some other boxes out there).

The Cairn Box is based in America and they ship worldwide. There’s actually two different types of subscription boxes available:

Their monthly subscription box (which I’ve subscribed to) contains about 3-5 full sized outdoor products and has a value of up to $50 USD.

This box costs around $30 USD (free shipping in the States only), so roughly $41 AUD (plus shipping).

You can get $10 USD off your first box by using my coupon code: pjmx7f during the checkout process.

The second subscription box is called the Obsidian box, it’s a quarterly box with a retail value of over $300 USD. It costs $249 USD (free shipping in the States only).

For this blog post, I’ll be reviewing the June 2020 box (the monthly subscription comes in either a box or envelope when shipped):

Cairn Scout Newsletter:

Cairn Box June 2020

Every month you’ll receive an edition of their “Cairn Scout” – it’s like a mini newspaper, and the articles are currated around that month’s theme.

June’s theme is “Keep It Movin'” – this month’s collection gives you the gear and fuel needed to keep you revved and ready to go.

The newsletter also provides more information about the items you have received in the collection, behind the scenes with the Cairn Crew, an opportunity for an adventure upgrade (these are only available to subscribers within USA), subscriber perks, and features Cairn community/subscribers as well.

Protein Puck (The Trailblazer): RRP $2.49 USD ($3.42 AUD)

Cairn June 2020

Each month you’ll receive a food item in your subscription box – something designed for the outdoors, like this protein puck that’d be great for hiking etc.

Protein Pucks are plant based, gluten free and vegan friendly, so they’re great for a range of different dietary requirements too.

Welly Human Repair Kit: RRP $9.99 USD ($13.73 AUD)

Cairn Box June 2020

I quite like this item from Welly – it’s an individual first aid travel kit you can keep in your bag or backpack and contains an assortment of bandages and ointments.

This is an item that I can see myself using, so it was pretty cool to receive this in this month’s collection. Let’s face it, accidents can and do happen when you’re outside having fun, this quirky little kit contains 30 brightly coloured fabric bandages, and 12 single use essentials such as triple antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer and anti-itch ointment.

I love that it comes in a reusable tin, making it easier to keep it on hand (and refill when needed). For the price you pay for this first aid travel kit, I think it’s pretty fair and the products are great quality too.

Coal Headwear Provo Hat: $32 USD ($41 AUD)

Cairn Box June 2020

Coal Headwear is a well known brand for adventure seekers, and this hat is yet another quality product from their range. The Provo is a high-performance tech hat made for activities like cycling, mountain biking, running and more.

The Provo has a moisture wicking sweatband, a floatable EVA brim, the material used in the hat is UPF 50+ rated, and it’s a low profile cap (meaning that it’s a great fit for those like myself who wear small to medium size hats – the drawstring at the back of the hat ensure this hat sits well on my head).

This is again another item that I’ll happily use, especially when it starts to heat up here more in Australia, this hat will be great for keeping me cool whilst hiking.


The total retail value of the items in this collection are about $45 USD (so about $61 AUD). What I love about this subscription box so far is that the items chosen will be used, I love that it also introduces me to brands such as Welly whom I wasn’t aware of, and includes well known brands as well.

For the first collection I have received from them, I’m looking forward to seeing what items will be arriving for me in the July edition. The beauty of this box is that they provide you with practical items that you will use (and may not have thought to purchase previously).

I love that all products are full sized products too (your subscription isn’t full of samples, but rather quality products that you’ll get plenty of use out of – well, aside from the food items, coz hey, those won’t last long!)

Remember, if you’d like to test out the Cairn Box for yourself, you can get $10 USD off your first box using my coupon code: pjmx7f

If you’re already receiving the Cairn Box, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section, along with any fave products you’ve received through them!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is keeping safe during what has now become the new normal for us all. Take care and happy adventures!

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