REIZE and Shine with REIZE Energy Drink

I originally received a sample of REIZE Energy Drink through a sample box… I was surprised by the fact that I actually DID have a burst of energy drinking their drink. To put this in perspective… whilst most people boast about Berocca giving them their b-b-bounce – to me it’s been the opposite… I’ve literally fallen asleep within 30 minutes of taking it (it’s actually been my ‘go-to’ when I need sleep really bad!)

So I was quite surprised to find something that actually did give me energy… the guys behind REIZE saw my post about the sample product I tried, and kindly sent me several more samples of their energy drink to try – encouraging me to try different ways to ‘mix it’.

I proceeded to try to ‘mix it’ any way I like (something they encourage… they actually do videos featuring the way other people mix their drink as well… the REIZE community is a rather fun one… and it’s been great to see how other people mix it their way).

Mix it with hot water

This is actually one of my fave ways to drink REIZE… it was how I started my mornings… with a hot cuppa of REIZE (add hot water to the cup, then empty a sachet of REIZE into it… it’s actually fun watching it frizz up – I loved how it tasted this way too).

Then I tried it chilled… I may have done it wrong, but I preferred the hot water version – I think this would suit a really hot day though, and perhaps stick to the hot water version with breakfast.


REIZE Energy Drink ‘Chilled’

I then tried it with Mango & Orange Mineral Water – it was rather delicious… (I had it a few times this way)

Orange & Mango Mineral Water with REIZE

Then I tried it with tonic water…

Tonic Water & REIZE Energy Drink

By this stage I started getting a little more adventurous  with my drinks… it was such a hot day so my thoughts were on ice cream at the time… then the thought ‘spider’ came to mind… spiders were rather popular back in the day…. So I decided to create a spider (with creaming soda)… this quickly became another fave way to drink REIZE Energy Drink.

REIZE Creaming Soda Spider

As a lover of tea – including iced tea – I decided try that out too (using iced tea) – our Spring/Summer has been a rather hot one here in Brisbane, so I was starting to really enjoy the chilled versions over the hot…

REIZE with Peach Iced Tea

My verdict?! As someone who suffers from a chronic illness, if I can find energy in any form – I cling to it… as I did with REIZE – I’m now a monthly subscriber to their product… I have found a lot of ‘energy’ products don’t work for me, but with REIZE it’s been nothing but positive results… I can cope with more in a day when I take it… which to me is a miracle – I’m sure the average person would gain better results (lethargy and fatigue weigh a lot on those who suffer from it, stopping us from living a normal life… I’m thrilled that this product gives me a few extra hours of energy – something I prize a lot).

So in closing, would I recommend this product to friends? HELL YES! Everyone can gain something from this product. For those who are addicted to energy drinks, they’ll love that this product starts at $0.62 cents per sachet (depending on what option they choose) – they can mix it any way they like too – they’re not limited to a few choices in a can (that usually goes for $4-5 or more per can). For those lacking in energy, you’ll love that this gives you a boost/energy spike so you can achieve more than you normally would. Oh… it’s also quite delicious too depending on how you mix it! Visit REIZE energy drink to find out more.

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