Biome Spring Box 2020

I recently subscribed to another subscription box, this one is a zero waste, palm oil free quarterly subscription box from Biome.

As a customer of theirs, I have always been curious about their quarterly box, a lot of their ideals match my own, so it seemed like a natural fit for me.

This box is their Spring Edition, you can either purchase a one-off box for $32.95 or select an annual subscription for $135.00 (both include postage and shipping in the price).

Released each quarter with the start of the new season, each box is 100% palm oil free, and comes loaded with great full size products (with a retail value of over $70).

It’s a great way to be introduced to quality zero-waste and eco-friendly products – especially if you’re new to this (or you just want to try out different brands and products).

Orangutan Alliance Special Edition Soap: (RRP $9.95)

Biome Spring Box 2020

With every purchase of this soap, at least one tree will be planted and protected in the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. This area is the last place on earth where critically endangered elephants, rhinos, tigers and orangutans co-exist, but it is as risk due to land clearing for palm oil and wood pulp plantations.

This gorgeous Lemon Myrtle soap bar is cruelty free, palm oil free, vegan friendly and the packaging is biodegradable and compostable – making it a win for both me and the planet! Even the inks used in the packaging are soy based, used on chlorine free paper, and the soap is a natural handmade product and produced in individual batches.

Biome Spring Box 2020

I absolutely love this soap, it has such a beautiful scent and so easy to use, doesn’t dry out your skin either like some soaps can. I love how with every purchase made, you’re helping to give back to the environment and the ecosystem via their alliance in Sumatra.

Hemp Collective Hemp Shampoo Bar: (RRP $16.95)

Biome Spring Box 2020

This shampoo bar comes from an organic and spray free farm in Northern NSW. Owners Maxine and Mike are committed to a circular, zero waste focus in their supply chain and building an Australian hemp industry. They have a variety of shampoo and conditioner bars available – even a shampoo bar for pets!

Biome Spring Box 2020

Admittedly, I’ve never used a hemp product prior to now, so whilst I’m not new to shampoo and conditioner bars, I was curious to see what all the hype is about hemp products. This gives a deep clean without stripping your hair, and it’s good for oily hair like mine too, whilst moisturising and nourishing your hair. This was a refill version of their shampoo, they also sell it in a tin which makes it great for traveling.

Brightwood Organic Cotton All Purpose Cloth: (RRP $9.95)

Biome Spring Box 2020

This high quality cloth is for everything from a face washer to a dish washer! Whilst cotton is a natural fibre, Biome choose to support organic cotton because it is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, causing the least ecological damage. These cloths come in a variety of colours.

As I have an assortment of face washers already, I’ve added this to collection of dish cloths I use. I love how soft the cloth is and it does a great job washing dirty dishes (I find with dish cloths like this I don’t need to scour dishes as much as I did pre my eco journey). It’s a great size cloth and easy to clean too.

Goodnight Co. Good Morning Roll On Blend: (RRP $19.95)

Biome Spring Box 2020

The Good Morning blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils will help you to restore and revive your energy. Roll on to your pulse points when you need a quick pick me up.

Biome Spring Box 2020

Can not express just how delicious this smells… the scent alone is enough to pick you up! I’ve been into essential oils since my high school days (maybe even earlier), I have such a varied collection for room scenting and pulse points, so was thrilled to find this in my box – another I can add to my collection! I love the scent and it definitely adds a bit of pep whenever I apply it. Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, I have certainly found this to be handy in giving me a lil more energy when needed.

(UPDATE: this product now sells for $29,99)

The Linen Press Organic Cotton Purse – Native Floral: (RRP $18.95)

Australia’s beautiful Spring flowers are captured in this useful zip purse. The Linen Press also make tea towels and aprons, as well as bags.

This purse is just too cute! I love Australian natives and this zip purse is so beautifully presented. I’m currently using it as a makeup purse, but it has a variety of uses… a wallet, travel bag, pencil case and more.


All up, total value of this quarter’s box comes to $75.75 – as the first box I’ve received from the Biome Quarterly Subscription, I’m impressed! The soap, shampoo bar and oil blend all smell delicious, both the cloth and the purse are of high quality too. All the products are handy products I’ll use around the home and I love that they’re all eco-friendly and sustainable.

You can choose from a one-off box for $32.95 or purchase an annual subscription for $135. The boxes are released at the start of each season. Every box has a value of over $70 and a variety of full sized products.

Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links, they do not cost you anything, but helps to support the blog. All opinions are my own. I am selective about the affiliates I work with, and only work with those that I know and trust.

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