Cairn Box August 2020

I’m so excited to show off this month’s collection by Cairn Box. If you recall during the last review I did regarding the July Cairn collection, you may remember how excited I was about a particular brand, humangear, and that I was hoping for another product from them in the future.

It looks like August has delivered the goods – but more about that later! Also, don’t forget to check out the end of the review for a coupon code to get $10 USD off you’re first Cairn Box!

Cairn Scout Newsletter:

Cairn Box August 2020

This month’s theme is “Get Going” – the items curated for this month allow you to just get out there and explore (in a very minimalist way, not being weighed down).

There’s the usual write up about the products you have received. They also included some information about their “Gear Up, Give Back” program, where you can donate your used gear and apparel (keeping it out of landfill), where it will find new life in a good home while supporting “Outdoors for All” – an organisation that enriches the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation. You can find out more about the program here.

There’s info about the latest adventure upgrade (available to USA subscribers only), Cairn Community Feature etc. And now, lets move onto the review!

Humangear GoTubb 3 Pack (Small): RRP $7.99 USD ($10.98 AUD)

Cairn Box August 2020

I had to dive into this one first! I love the innovative products that come from humangear and they quickly became a fast fave of mine as a brand for outdoor products.

These ultra cute GoTubb’s are conveniently designed to be opened and closed with just one hand. These are available in small and medium as a 3 pack, or large as a 2 pack.

These are great for storing things like pills, small change, spices for camping, little snacks (they’re versatile so you can even use them in the craft room, office or workshop to store bits and pieces – and with the various sizes available, you’re limited only by your imagination).

They’re lightweight and can even be tossed in your bag (or the Kammock hip pack that also came with this month’s collection).

They’re 100% BPA-free, PC-free, phthalate free and at the end of their long life can also be recycled. With these nifty containers, you no longer need to use zip lock bags to store food for camping in as they’re food-safe (FDA) too.

This is yet another product that I’ll get use out of whilst hiking and camping (and around the house as well).

Kammock Burro Hip Pack: RRP $35 USD ($48.11 AUD)

Cairn Box August 2020

Lightweight and weather durable, this Burro Hip Pack by Kammock is the perfect pack for day hikes or just getting in and around the city without being weighed down by oversized bags.

I love that it can be worn like a messenger bag, or worn around your waist/hips – it’s great for any outdoor activities or exercise too.

The hip pack is waterproof (but not submersible), so the contents inside will be safely protected by the rain (however it’s not to be treated like a dry pack). It’s roomy enough to store all your essentials like a water bottle, wallet, phone, sunnies and keys etc

This pack will definitely come in handy on my walks as well – another product I can see myself using a lot.

JiMMY! Protein Bars: RRP $2.91 USD ($4.00 AUD)

Cairn Box August 2020

For the third and final product in this collection we of course come to the food product which you receive every month. This time it’s JiMMY! Protein Bars.

This is a bar for all those Keto fans out there – high fat, low net carbs, low sugar, keto friendly, grain and gluten-free.

I was planning to take this with me on my next hike, but alas it did not last the day – it had a peanut butter-ish kind of taste to me (although I could taste the macadamia nuts, it was creamier than I was expecting, but rather tasty all the same!)


They’re definitely consistent with the overall retail value of the products in each collection. This month’s edition has a retail value of $45.90 USD (or $63.09 AUD – not bad considering the box cost $41AUD plus shipping).

I was thrilled to see humangear in this month’s collection again – I love how creative and innovative their products are, how versatile and lightweight/compact they are as well.

The Kammock Hip Pack was a pretty cool addition as well, I no longer need to load myself down with an oversized bag or a backpack on my walks, hiking or trekking through the city… this is another item that will get a lot of use.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this month’s collection. Don’t forget, if you’d like to try out the Cairn Box yourself, you can get $10 USD OFF your first box by using my coupon code:

As per always, if you’re already subscribed, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s subscription.

Until next time, happy adventures (and stay safe!)

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