five:am – wake up and be am:azing

I was wandering through the aisles of my local supermarket lately, looking for something different to try in the yoghurt section when I came across the range of five:am products lining their shelves. Intrigued by their packaging and that the yoghurt is 100% organic, I was keen to give it a try.

I admit I was not disappointed in my purchase at all. The moment I opened the tub I was hit with a beautiful scent, and my tastebuds soon joined the experience. Their yoghurt is so full of flavour, with a wonderful creamy texture to it – it really was “am:azing”!

Five:am is an Australian company that sources it’s natural, organic ingredients from various locally grown organic farms who fall under the banner of Organic Farmers Dairy Co-Op (ODFA) – these farmers all share similar views about family farms, healthy soil and happy cows (organic farming is their focus after all).

This is reflected in the quality of the products they produce, the sublime taste and texture too. They really are a step up from other leading brands.

They’re also very conscious of the environment as well – their packaging is 100% recyclable (they even encourage you to ‘recycle or re-use’ via signage on the packaging).

Now that’s something that speaks to the ‘hippy’ in me – I’m currently re-using the containers to grow seedlings for my own veggie patch!

With plastics being a product that can take anywhere between 20 to 1,000 years to decompose, it’s great when a company actively encourages the re-use of the products (I re-use plastic containers, glass jars and even food tins at home all the time, rather than see them end up in landfill) – and there’s so many other creative ways to re-use these resources (do a quick search on pinterest and you’ll come up with a whole bevy of ideas on how to re-use them in some really clever ways – they’re even using empty water bottles to create housing in some areas!)

You can purchase five:am products from leading supermarkets. Be sure to stop by their website and learn more about their great products and way of life!

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