Gravox – Best Ever Chip Gravy

Wandering the aisles of Coles lately I came across this when looking at the gravy and stock section. I’m not sure about you, but I just adore chips and gravy (forgot that tomato sauce stuff – gravy is where it’s at!)I was actually quite excited to try this out at home. Chips & Gravy use to be a staple food for me in my “wayyyy early days”… and something I still like as a snack every now and then – but I admit I’m quite fussy about the taste of gravy.

I use to have a takeaway joint down the road from me that I’d visit on my way home after work, but I’ve moved from that location (and they’ve since closed down or moved on themselves as I can’t seem to find them anywhere) – their chip gravy was to die for!

So coming across this seemed quite the blessing, and I was keen to try it out. It says this stuff cooks in 40secs – I’m not sure you even need it in the microwave that long, but I followed through with the instructions anyway.Oh, I should probably confess that I also love to SATURATE my chips in gravy (as you can see via the picture below). I was impressed by the taste – it wasn’t quite the same as the takeaway joint I frequented (I think you’d have a hard time matching their gravy to be honest – I’ve never tasted anything like theirs, and I’ve tried a lot of variations over the years), but this was quite delicious and I could see it being used as a side for main meals as well as a snack.

I can definitely see myself buying this again and keeping a pack or two stocked in the pantry (for those “cravings”) – one pack will cover 2-3 servings, so if you have a large family you may wish to stock up on a couple of packs.You can find this product at your local supermarkets (if your independent doesn’t sell it, you may want to put in a special request for it). To find out more about Gravox and their various products, visit their site here.

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