Kuan Yin Tea House – Guest Blog Review

We have our first restaurant review from Guest Blogger Brian, this is just the first of many that Brian will be doing for us.

A vegetarian friend introduced this Asian food place to me a few years ago, and in all my visits since, the menu and service have remained consistently pleasant.
The most notable thing about this place is, of course, the menu.
While all the regulars are on there – chicken rice, pork rib soup, salt and pepper calamari, sizzling beef noodles – what sets this place apart is that there is no meat in any of the dishes. Each dish is a cleverly disguised vegetarian meal, with soya and mushrooms in place of meat.
The Salt & Pepper Oysters are, in reality, small curled mushrooms and it does take a moment to realise the fact. Those are perhaps the least credible on the menu. Many of the chicken dishes would have you entirely convinced it was the real deal.


The dishes are small in size, and entrees are recommended to help fill out the meal. It’s fun trying the various “meats” and comparing them to the memory of the genuine article.
Kuan Yin Tea House can be found on Wickham Street, in the Valley, right across from the entrance to China Town.
They have a blog in which they update with their own experiments with vegan and vegetarian foods, and their desserts are definitely worth checking out: Kuan Yin Tea House blog
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