Eat Street Markets – Hamilton

There has been a new trend in markets recently… moving away from the knick knacks and designer markets – Eat Street Market’s focus is on food! Food trucks and street food vendors are on the rise (and for someone who has always wanted to escape to Asia “just to experience” street food – this market is a real haven!)

Eat Street Markets is based in Hamilton (Brisbane), and has the unique appeal that many of the vendors sell their delicacies from shipping containers (or the normal market stalls)… there is something here to entertain everyone though – from the food lover to the art lover – even those who love live entertainment – whether you’re one or all three, you’re sure to love the experience that Eat Street Markets offer.

This is definitely a place you want to bring your friends (or family)… it has a brilliant and lively atmosphere – be warned, it does get busy – but more about that later – lets talk about the vendors first!

No matter what your taste – you’re sure to find something to delight the senses! Vegetarians, Vegans and even those who are Gluten intolerant – you’re all catered for here – and carnivores you’re not missing out either!

You will definitely want to bring your friends though! My partner and I visited with another couple we know (who introduced us to the wonders that is Eat Street Markets) – we opted to do a share plate style deal with our visit – which meant we got to choose and sample more of the food that was on offer (a wise choice I must admit!! With soooo many vendors offering various different cuisines – it allowed us to try more of what was on offer!)

For those who love the arty market style – you’re not missing out either – whilst there aren’t as many stalls dedicated to the “traditional” style of market (you must remember the focus is on food here), there are still quite a few stalls around – I didn’t take quite as many pics of the market stalls though (I was too busy drooling over all the food!) – there are still enough stalls to keep you entertained (and I walked away with a gorgeous poster of Audrey Hepburn – I’m pretty sure I’m her number one fan lol).

And for those who like their live entertainment – you’re not forgotten either – in fact – Eat Street Markets are improving on the size of the area with current renovations, which I believe will include a larger area for live entertainment! (Again, I apologise – my focus was on the food, so I didn’t get to catch all the acts that occurred on my visit – but I do believe it changes regularly, so there are different bands playing every other week).

And now, getting back to my earlier comment about “crowds” – if you’re claustrophobic – then make sure you get in early! Eat Street Markets is open from 4pm-10pm every Friday and Saturday (and the crowds really start to roll in around 7-8pm!) so you may want to get in early for your feed!

For those who don’t mind crowds – then you’ll probably want to stay the whole time! The atmosphere is fantastic, and while it does get crowded later on in the evening, if you get in early you can visit the market stalls, then wander off for something to eat before settling in for the live entertainment (as again, as I mentioned earlier, they’re undergoing expansions and the car park will be more accessible with security guards assisting with the carparks).

To find out more about Eat Street Markets and what is on visit their site: Eat Street Markets

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