Little Green Café & Catering – Restaurant Review

As you already know, I LOVE my food!! I recently caught up with a girlfriend for lunch, and she introduced me to a little gem of a restaurant called ‘Little Green Café & Catering’ – they provide both Australian and Italian cuisines.
Now I admit I was vaguely familiar with the place, as it’s situated near my local haunt for grocery shopping, but in all the time it’s been there, I haven’t actually dropped in to try them out – and shame on me as little did I know what I was missing out on!
Erin is a regular here and all the staff seemed to know her and were super friendly (watching the staff before we ordered, I noticed they were friendly with everyone and were ready to greet customers with warm smiles – customer service like that is rare these days!)
Erin ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad, a fave it would appear, and I was indecisive as there appeared to be many fine dishes to choose from – in the end I opted for the Prawn, Salmon and Avocado Salad (three of my faves in the dish and it’s been a while since I last feasted on seafood of any kind, so that narrowed down my choices!)
Grilled Chicken Salad
Prawn, Salmon and Avocado Salad


I apologise for the photos as they honestly do not do justice to the dishes!! You also see my finger in the bottom photo (unintentional, but it does give a perspective on the size of the dishes!)
I do believe that the Little Green Café has found a new fan in me! I’m also pretty sure they were worried that I was about to eat (or at the very least lick) the plate – it was THAT good! The plate was returned without a scrap of food on it and I’m already keen to try out their other dishes!
The price for both our dishes were under the $14 mark, so quite affordable considering the gourmet quality of the food.
I can’t comment on their coffees as I’m not a coffee person (migraines), but Erin regularly gets coffee from there, so I’m assuming they must be good.
Little Green Café is open Mon- Sat from 7am-4pm for breakfast and lunch, they also have the added feature of catering for events.
You can find them at ‘The Village’
1930-1074 Logan Road
Upper Mount Gravatt
Phone: 0423177720
I highly recommend checking them out, you will not be disappointed! Quality 5 star dishes, warm and friendly staff, and a talented chef make the experience all that more enjoyable!
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