AEION Prelude to Oblivion – Book Review

Signed copy from the original pre-run print series

AEION Prelude To Oblivion is the first book published by Australian author Luke Traven.  This book sets the scene for a trilogy he is currently working on that will be set around five thousand years later (as the author informed me “this book is like The Hobbit is to The Lord of the Rings”.)


 It has been almost half a century since the mysterious phenomenon known as the Shroud took the planet Earth out of phase with the universe. Connection to the government of the Galactic Accord and its interstellar branch of StarQuest came to an abrupt halt. For Earth, galactic civilisation had ended.


 Into a culture of rampant ultrapowered beings appears Rescind, claiming to be the symbiotic host to the Draknyd spirit of one of the most notorious Dragons from ancient galactic history, and responsible for the creation of the Shroud. Without interference from forces beyond the planet, Rescind begins a warpath to become master of a new Drynn Dominion on Earth.


 Professor Mikal Bodekka leads a team of scientists on the Autarch Project. Its mission: to discover the unifying metaphysical powers of the legendary Phoenix, in the hopes of defeating Rescind and removing the Shroud. Only then can Earth rejoin the greater civilisation of the galaxy as it once was.


 The potential of one will be realised by many, but can the Power of Legend survive as long as belief remains?


From the moment I picked up this book, it was hard to put down. The characters are engaging and evolve throughout the story. You’ll either love them or hate them (comes with the territory when you have a line up of epic bad a** villains verse some truly heroic heroes).

This is a great book to read, and sets up the scene, providing a great futuristic history of planet Earth and the Galactic Accord, and presents many of the themes and conflicts we experience in day to day life but on a totally magical and fantastic scale. There are some truly fantastic fight scenes throughout this book as good versus bad fight it out in epic scales (did I mention ultrapowered beings? There could be no normal fight scenes with them involved!)

I found myself getting involved the more I read this book, becoming attached to various characters and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading the upcoming trilogy when it comes out.

I’ve also been able to add a new “word” to my vocabulary as well – SKUD – a futuristic curse word! For someone who doesn’t actually curse, I’ve found myself embracing this word (and I’m sure fans of the book will too).

Fans of sci-fi and fantasy will adore this book – if you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Babylon 5 or Lord of the Rings you’ll love this. Fans of Firefly will also love this (especially the trilogy to come as the whole of the universe is the setting for the trilogy, whilst this book is more about Earth’s part in the story).

You could even say there’s an element of Game of Thrones in this book, but instead of 7 kingdoms, it’s condensed down to one city with Rescind and his manipulation of the various gangs roaming the streets.

Author Luke Traven with a copy of AEION Prelude to Oblivion

To find out more about the book and where you can purchase it, please check out Luke’s website here.

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