Cholula Hot Sauce – For those who like it spicy!

As a lover of food, I was recently sent a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce to try out at home. Following is my experimentation and introduction to this sauce that has quite the following in the States.

I LOVE food – we all know that, the evidence is all over my social media of both my adventures eating out and my own creations, so this was an experiment I took on with gusto!

First I started out with breakfast…

Avocado & Poached Eggs on Toast with Sauce
Avocado & Poached Eggs on Toast, drizzled with Sauce

Up until now, I’d never tried Cholula Hot Sauce, so wasn’t really sure how it’d taste – I really shouldn’t have been worried! It added a nice hint of spice to my normal brekkie go-to – it’s never been the same since (that bottle is never far away!)

Then I wondered how it’d go with dinner… and could it cross over into other cultural foods?

Spicy Fried Rice
Fried Rice just got spicy!

I LOVE making fried rice, and hadn’t had it in a while, so it got me thinking… could Cholula be added to that? The answer is YES! I replaced the traditional soy sauce with Cholula, adding it to the fried rice as I was cooking it, and then adding a hint of sauce over the top to garnish – the results were amazing!

Then I wondered about lunch…

Udon Soup
Udon Soup with Cholula Sauce

I had a pack of Udon noodles in the cupboard which I’d bought on impulse whilst out shopping… this was actually my first time ever cooking Udon Soup (and I kind of went with my own creation here, adding brussels sprouts and salmon, seasonings and of course cholula sauce, topping it off with a poached egg and again with another drizzle of the sauce over the top). The results were to die for 1. I never knew Udon Soup tasted so good, 2. the sauce gave it a bit of pep (yeah, I like things hot & spicy!)

My latest creation actually came about due to a recent injury I had (Queen of Clumsy strikes again – I don’t know anyone else who can trip over their own feet just by walking!)… I had smashed my head pretty hard, and that resulted in chewing being somewhat difficult for me (I cannot tell you how much that hurt… a lover of food not being able to eat normal food!!!)…

Left: Fish, Potato & Spinach Puree; Right: Steamed Mixed Veg Puree (Carrots, Cauliflower & Broccoli), garnished with Cholula Hot Sauce

Enter… Pureed food… plating like a pro! The proof is right there that Cholula Hot Sauce literally goes with anything – and surprisingly, pureed food isn’t as tasteless as I thought it would be (and the sauce again helped to give it that hint of heat – I only drizzled it on this time).

My verdict? I’m hooked! I now fully understand why it is the sauce of choice over in the States (it’s literally in restaurants and diners over there as a ‘normal’ condiment, along with tomato sauce, mustard, salt & pepper etc).

Keep in mind that Cholula Hot Sauce is more about the ‘spice’ than the heat (though if you’re not into hot sauce due to the heat, you’re sure to like and be able to handle this one) – with cumin, paprika, cayenne and a hint of vinegar it’s great with Mexican meals (it is a Mexican sauce after all), but as you can see, it can pretty much go with anything!

I’m almost out of the sauce, I’ve been using it almost daily – I’ve even heard some put it on ice cream (I am yet to try that myself, but I imagine it’d fall into the “sweet & savoury” area, so I believe it could work).

Cholula Hot Sauce is sold in Coles and Woolworths for around $5.oo for a 150ml bottle, and there’s a range of other sauces available for you try as well (I’m adding some to Christmas Stocking Fillers for the foodies in my family too – as well as stocking up for myself!)

There’s a variety of online gourmet food stores here in Australia that sell the sauce as well.

If you’ve tried Cholula Hot Sauce before, I’d love to hear what your fave ways to use it are in the comments below!

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